See What Folk are saying about Julian Mellor and the Easiest swing in Golf...

" Hi Julian,Thanks for a super course last week. The difference is staggering. When I get over the shock of my recent rounds(5) I will write in detail. Suffice to say I have not shot above 84 in all the rounds and not below 77 OMG " - Ralph Ince

" Hi Julian, really enjoyed your videos and tried your ideas on the range at my club Celtic Manor. Fantastic! I am a senior golfer (68) and handicap 21 gone up 3 strokes. I was off 18 and had a poor club fitting, too heavy shafts apparently, had my worst year. Taken lessons usual modern methods static legs, stiff back and straight left arm. My swing got too long my driving became erratic and so many swing thoughts. Thanks to you,I'm now relaxed with no swing thoughts only rhythm and accuracy  and 20 yards longer. Hope to visit you soon ."

Kind regards, Dave Sellors

" From Paul who sent Julian 8 key points he took away from a course..

"With these points and much more I took away from the day I played today with my 2 regular golf buddies who both noticed the easy rhythm to my swing and the chipping motion as I up to now have always relied on my lob wedge for most round the green shots, not anymore it's a lot easier to get the ball running! The most amazing thing for me today was not just the score, 86, but the easiness of the game and the enjoyment from playing the positive impact way . Like many over time I have brought many of the " instruction" books with all the technical moves, not any more these are off to the charity shop on Monday! Once again thank you very much. I will continue to enjoy your videos on you tube All the best."

 yours truly Paul Master

"You can allude to me in your videos as a senior golfer in Palm Springs Ca who has been retired for 16 years and has spent a 1/4 million dollars on lessons from the best teachers from around the world.

I just love this my swing now I've adopted your method "

Chip from USA

"The improvement in both performance and enjoyment of the game has been astounding and Julian's recent videos have provided the missing link."

Mike Belson UK

"It's changed my life. I love golf again. Thank you so much"

Jason from USA

"Julian has reminded me that golf doesn't have to be complicated. It's once again enjoyable" 

Sir John

"Hi Julian, I just discovered your videos. I'm 68 and have artificial knees and hips, and restricted range in elbows. I have tried several other swing concepts but they all felt unnatural to my body and created soreness. I can't wait to try the easiest swing in golf. Thank you so much for your great videos ".

Chuck USA

Your Dream is Julian's passion 

Don't trust your game to just any pro. Julian promises that  if you don't enjoy the lessons and your golf doesn't become easier and more fun he will give you your money back ... Guaranteed ...

Hi Julian 

Firstly, I would like to thank you and Jo for all the hospitality, talent and skill you delivered to us all.

You are very professional, motivated and present the necessary learns in a calm and assured manner. You definitely worked me out! However I do wear my heart on my sleeve! You gave me some personal options and kept your answers to my questions, simple, just what Brian needs ha ha!

On reflection PIG instruction was validated for me. In fact on one hole I found and extra 30 yds on my 31 hybrid and on the same hole found 10 yds on my 9 iron, with accuracy! It proved to me I can relax but still deliver clubhead speed. Probably my biggest change was how to use and time my head movement through impact into finish. My pitching will progress especially now.