Why wait?

Hi Jullian, 

I just needed to give you an update on how amazing and crazy this is . 

I have played 3 x 9 holes after work over the last few days and have never played so well . The first 9 was +1 the second -1 and last night level par . I have had 5 birdies and an eagle in these 27 holes . The only bad shots that cost me was a leaked drive right out of bounds and a bad bunker shot , Also 2 x 3 putts . 

I am totally amazing with the way I have struck the ball and the consistency of it . 

I’ve been golfing since I was 9 years old and never ever have I had this experience. 

It’s like you’ve just switched a light on in my head . 

I had to share this with you . 

Thanks again , not bad to say I only went to drive my dad there 🤣. 

I know it’s early days but I see myself getting very low in the next couple of years I will keep you informed of my progress. 


Dear Julian / Jo

What a great day, it was very helpful some excellent guidance and a very clear approach to improvement in all golfing areas. As I said on the day the putting approach was like voodoo it made a significant, direct and tangible difference in a matter of minutes. The delivery, ambiance, pace and generous approach really made for a thoroughly enjoyable day with a real sense of purpose. 

On a related matter I am very interested in attending one of the international training trips which I think you said usually take place Jan / Feb so please put me on the list or waiting list.

Thank again for such a positive useful and enjoyable day

Mike O


A lovely message from Al

 Hi Julian I just like to say how discovering your videos online have completely changed my golf. I am 57 years old and have played golf for near on 35 years getting down to 8 handicap at my best. The last 15 years I have been bothered with osteoarthritis and have had two back operations and 2 hips replaced. I tried to play my old way but was in so much pain. I said to my playing partner on the way home from another horrible round that that was me finished with golf it’s to painful and not enjoyable. I came home that day and typed in pain free golf or easy swing I can’t remember and discovered your videos. I just played 18 holes Friday Saturday and Sunday this week pain free. Can’t thank you enough. Al