Using The Easiest Swing to De-stress yourself and your teams.

A fundamental part of The Easiest Swing in Golf is to reduce tension. Tension is the enemy of golf swings and it also the enemy of workplaces. We all know that golf and business work brilliantly so Julian together with his fiancé Stress Management and Wellbeing consultant Jo Cameron  who is a former BBC Broadcaster, have set up a way for you to get out of the office, get some headspace and brush up on your golf. It's called The 1st Tee Directors Club. 

 "This is a big question because the 1st Tee Director’s Club has so many facets and it’s strengths lie very much in the fact that each person takes away something different and meaningful depending on what resonates with them.  What it is true to say though is that there is always a learning point.  Whether that is learning something about your own strengths or points to work on or learning how other people might behave, there is always something you can take from your time there.  What I really love about this time is that it is not class room learning or lecturing.  There is theory however, it’s put together so carefully by Jo, and Julian then illustrates the learning beautifully via physical activity that it certainly doesn’t feel like much work or effort is involved.  The physical activity is always outside which in itself is a real treat as whatever the weather, it helps free the mind and leave you refreshed and invigorated.  If you enjoy your golf, the added bonus is that you can pick up tips from Julian.  If you don’t know anything about golf and care even less, the physical activity is not strenuous or complicated and you don’t need to have any particular knowledge or skills, it just illustrates the point.  I find that being involved in discussions, in a safe and confidential space, and then following it up with activity means that I remember much more about the sessions than if I was lectured to.  The membership is diverse and each person brings a new perspective to the table.  Jo and Julian are the perfect hosts and facilitators.  This time for me each month is absolutely golden and I look forward to it as a highlight of my month ahead " Tracy Cross, Partner in Law Firm Band Hatton Button

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1st Tee Directors Business and Wellbeing Club

Using the game of golf to boost your business skills and improve your wellbeing

We know running a business or leading a team can be taxing. Sometimes there doesn't feel like enough hours in the day. The 1st Tee Directors Club is the only business club of it's kind. Each month, company executive who like their golf, come together to get out into the fresh air, discuss the business issues of the day and improve their wellbeing as a result. Sometimes we play a few holes of golf, sometimes we use the golf course as an analogy for the business discussion of the day. Every session we get to take away a new golf skills or something to take back to the business.

If you want to improve your golf and meet some other Directors, you are in the right place.

  "I get an opportunity once a month to get out of the business and develop my understanding of business related ideas/principles that very often also flow in to my personal life.  I also have the opportunity to talk in confidence about anything going on in or outside of the workplace that I would value some feedback/second opinion on.   The golf bit is an added bonus and often acts as something that takes your mind of day to day matters (as well as improving my technical ability)." 

There are lots of skills that you need to play golf that are transferable into the boardroom. Whilst you are outside, and the body is in motion, you are more likely to remember what you have been taught which makes The 1st Tee Directors Club a much more effective option that sitting in a room. 

Skills needed to play golf such as mental strength, determination, adaptability to different environments are also vital in a business environment. You also need to be able to remain calm under pressure, be aware of the rules and etiquette and must stay Mindful at all times. Using the game of game makes everything come to live.

To talk to Jo about being part of the 1st Tee Directors Club please call 07841 764 781 or email


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Have a listen in to the podcast that Julian and Jo do that seamlessly links golf and business leadership.

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What do people say?

 Great balance between discussion and activity. Putting task really good. Enjoyed that a lot. Enjoyed the link between tension and stress. Some really good examples!Very good team building. Nice relaxed facilitation. Great fun. Really good link between golf and business with some hints and exercises that really support objectives of team building. I would definitely recommend using RedMane for your Wellbeing or Team Building programme 

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