Fancy Networking in Golf but don't play often? If so, read on...

We all know that golf can teach us a lot about business and leadership and we also know that networking in and around the golf environment can pay huge dividends. Julian together with his fiancé Jo Cameron  who is a former BBC Broadcaster, have set up a way for you to network with other CEO's, MD's and Company Owners. It's called The 1st Tee Directors Club. It's an invitation only club for those of you who would like to network in golf but don't play, want to learn or improve your game.

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1st Tee Directors Networking

Using the game of golf to learn business and leadership skills


We know that you are busy and you need to make sure that any time spent out of the office has to have demonstrable business benefits but if you have always fancied leaning to play golf so you can join in those golf days you get invited to, or if you want to improve your golf and you still want to be in and around the sport, your'e in the right place.

The purpose of the 1st Tee Directors club is to use the game of golf to learn about business and leadership. 

Designed specifically for those who want to spend time improving their golf or those who are learning from scratch, our programmes are accessible for all. 

There are lots of skills that you need to play golf that are transferable into the boardroom. Things such as Strategy and Planning and Teamwork.

Other skills such as mental strength, determination, adaptability to different environments are also vital in a business environment. You also need to be able to remain calm under pressure, be aware of the rules and etiquette and must stay Mindful at all times. 

These are all also skills that you need in business. 

During our sessions we link the golf tuition to a business topic which brings the subject to life. This is what people say they find so useful in our sessions. 

They say that because the learning is so practical it is easy to transfer back to the workplace.

If that's not enough to like, then there's the fresh air and the beautiful environment that a golf course provides.

Many of our people say they need to get out of the office more and even when it's cold they still want to get outside. 

There is so much to be gained and so much enjoyment that can be had by just being in and around the game even when not playing. Come and see it and feel it for yourself.

Here are your other golf and business options at a glance

Golf Networking Warwickshire

Ever wanted to network in golf but don't play or can't play in the usual golf days? Want to learn golf and network with some other CEO's and Directors?

Our 1st Tee Directors Club could be exactly what you are looking for.

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Team Building Warwickshire

Whether you have a team of 22 or 102 we can build you a team building day for you to remember. We have plenty of well trained facilitators to help guide your day in the beautiful countryside Warwickshire setting. 

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Leadership on the golf course

We can cater for any request across the broad spectrum of Leadership Topics. You decide what Leadership Skill you would like your team to learn and we translate it into an activity to bring it alive.

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Six Short Cuts to Leadership

We believe that Leadership is over complicated that's why we've whittled it down to Six Short Cuts to Effective Leadership.  

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Unique Golf Events

Whether is a unique charity event or you are looking for something different for your Corporate Golf Day drop us a line to discuss your requirements. Combining our programmes with The Easiest Swing in Golf makes the day accessible to everyone. Julian makes a warm and convivial host too. 

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Have a listen in to the podcast that Julian and Jo do that seamlessly links golf and business leadership.

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What do people say?

 Great balance between discussion and activity. Putting task really good. Enjoyed that a lot. Enjoyed the link between tension and stress. Some really good examples!Very good team building. Nice relaxed facilitation. Great fun. Really good link between golf and business with some hints and exercises that really support objectives of team building. I would definitely recommend using RedMane for your Wellbeing or Team Building programme 

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