It might not be your swing that's letting you down

 Do you get frustrated or annoyed with your golf? Would you like to stay calm, even after the bad shots? In this video, Jo Cameron, explains what could be getting in your way and what to do about it 

NEW IN 2019 - Tension Management Coaching with Jo Cameron, Stress Management & Well-being Specialist

Tension is the killer of golf swings

Staying relaxed in the most important thing

Do you have one bad shot which can spoil your whole round?

Does your tension creep up on you so high that it leaves you shattered at the end of the round?

Do you have trouble controlling your temper?

If so, then read on....

New for 2019, Julian's finance Jo Cameron, Stress Management and Wellbeing Specialist, has introduced a special coaching service for golfers who want to keep calm during a round.

If you have been following The Easiest Swing in Golf, you will know that tension is the killer of your golf swing. so if you can keep it in check you are onto a winner. 

We all know golf can be an emotional game. Keeping those negative thoughts and tempers out of your golf swing will enable you to use less energy and enjoy your game more.

Jo adds, "Having been around many of Julian's clients I can see that many of them struggle to keep their emotions in check. I wanted to introduce this special service to allow golfers to explore where tension arises, what to do when it gets too much and how to keep calm under pressure."

The thing is about tension is that it can show up anywhere and at any time. The key thing is really understanding what your triggers are and getting to grips with them so they don't spoil your round.

If you are interested, please email Jo on to explore how she can help you with no obligation.

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Coaching fees are £85 per hour.

121 Coaching for a full day £750.