We hope that you enjoy our podcasts where we discuss what businesses can learn from golf

What are the podcasts about?

Jo Cameron and Julian Mellor met eleven years ago went Jo when to learn to play golf. They always hoped that they could work together. For many years the timing was never right until four years ago when they started experimenting with seeing what businesses could learn from golf. People came along to their sessions, the majority of which were non-golfers, and they got great feedback so they started running more courses for more clients. 

Then they set up the 1st Tee Directors Club where people who didn't play much golf, were starting to learn or wanted to improve their golf, can network with other board level people. 

People say that they enjoy the time away from their desk and getting some fresh air. The podcasts are a sample to give you a flavour of the unique blend they have created. We hope you like them. In the UK Winter when it's too cold to be out on the golf course, Jo can be seen running Leadership Retreats in the Canaries. For questions and comments please email info@redmanegroup.com

Interested to learn more?

Too Many Swing Thoughts

Are you struggling with too many swing thoughts? Are you wrestling with how to deal with that important job this week? Lacking confidence in your own abilities?  Also listen out for Julian's golf tip of the week and his 7 birdies in a row.

The Myth of Keeping your head down

In this podcast Jo and Julian discuss the myth of keeping your head down and how this affects your golf swing and even your output whilst sitting at your desk. We hope you enjoy it.

Getting out of bunkers

Are you having trouble getting out of the bunker and are you stuck with too many problems at work? Have a listen and see what you think.