Julian Mellor
Positive Impact Golf Coach.
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One of the UK's Leading Golf Coaches. Internationally Renowned Senior Golfer Specialist - YouTube Channel here

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Have you discovered the Easiest Swing in Golf?

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Come and Learn the 6 Principles of Positive Impact Golf

The 6 Principles of Positive Impact Golf Coaching

  1. Turning
  2. Weight shift
  3. Rhythm
  4. Coordination
  5. Balance 
  6. Souplesse

Simple to do

The Golf swing doesn't have to be complicated. Let Julian show you how easy it can be.

People tell Julian that since discovering Positive Impact Golf it has re-invigorated their passion for the game because it simplifies everything.

Don't put off having coaching any longer, lets get your game back on track.

In the UK and Beyond

Julian coaches golf in the UK and beyond. People come from all over the world for coaching with Julian and more frequently now he also travels overseas to coach the golfers passionate about The Easiest Swing

Every corner of the globe

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Here is Julian explaining the Easiest Swing in Golf for Senior golfers.

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The Ambassador is Ernie Els 'The Big Easy'.   

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